Friday, November 20, 2009

chooks and eggs

Dad has six chickens. Six chickens produce six eggs every day. Lots of Omlettes, lots of Quiche. Lots of 'hand-me-down' eggs for me! Dad is so cute, he dates and weighs each egg, he has a spreadsheet and all. Not sure what sort of statistical departmet he is collecting data for . . .
The shells and whites are much thicker than a standard egg, so they are harder to crack and they poach really well. You might notice the jumbo egg - its always a double yolker, Im speculating that that chook is a twin. Although how do you find out which one . . .
I am still nervy about beaked and clawy things, as fluffy as they look they just don't seem friendly. So as it is my duty to collect the eggs daily over the summer I have to brave up, I think they can smell fear!

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