Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Super-Duper Tidy Sewing Room!

Check out my sewing room! I had a cleaning fairy come and help me, so now I can see the floor. I know, it will not last, but now everything seems to fit rather than the room bulging at the door. I went and 'invested' in a Rimu blanket box for my fabric stash, although it irks me that I cannot see all of my fabric at once (which I could when it was on the floor . . .) and as my fairy pointed out shelves would allow this. But I loved this recycled Rimu box - made from old floorboards from the Hamner Hospital.

Potatoes! 16 kilograms - woo hoo! Took me a while to dig them out, but a very impressive haul - I knew there was a reason I had bought so many pairs of shoes lately, so I could use the boxes for grading my potatoes - 5 boxes labeled 'whoppers' to 'mini'.

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  1. Ooh, so lovely! I love tidying up my sewing supplies. Fold, unfold, fold up again, stack, re-stack. Very zen!